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Album Liner Notes:

All of these songs serve to represent the feeling of "I'm not necessarily sure what I'm looking for, but I'll know when I've found it." That might mean anything like looking for a better life situation, adjusting the colors when editing an image, or looking for the right set of notes. With enough trials and a little faith, the answer will present itself. 




PS. It was a tough to finish this since I dislocated both knees playing basketball before recording so I'm glad that the takes still turned out!

Eric Ching - Drums, Composer (1, 4)

George Colligan - Piano

Tim Gilson - Double Bass

John Nastos - Alto Saxophone (1), Soprano Saxophone (4), Flute (6)

Anna Crumley - Voice (5, 6), Composer (6)

Charlie Porter - Trumpet (6), Arranger (6)


Bob Stark - Tracking and Mixing

Nick Moon - Mastering


With much appreciated support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Oregon Arts Commission.

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